About Us

Our principle is 'Quality in Production, Trust in Trade'.

Our company, which entered the textile sector in 1997 in a small workshop with the production of baby and children's clothing subgroups under the brand Mini'a, became one of the leading companies in Bursa Vişne Trade Zone in a short time. Increasing its product range over time, Mavi Boncuk has become a demanded brand in Turkey and abroad, especially in jeans, trousers, shorts, capri, skirts, double and triple set products. Mavi Boncuk was one of the first companies to open its own wholesale store in Vişne Street, along with manufacturing.

Together We Get Stronger

The two favorite companies of the sector started negotiations in 2020 in order to combine their knowledge and experience and to offer their customers the best quality product at the most affordable price, and in 2021, they started to continue their activities together in the Cherry Trade Zone under the name of Mavi Boncuk Aşkar.

Export All Over the World

Our company currently offers more than 200 brands and over 10 thousand models to its domestic and international customers in its 4000 square meter 4-storey store. Especially the Russian Federation; exports to Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Iraq, Libya also supplies products to the domestic market. Our company has become a sought-after brand in 25 different countries in 5 continents, mainly in the Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa markets.

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